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Bacanal works on an invite-only basis. That means that you need to be a Bacanal member in order to attend our events. Basic membership is free of charge.

So how do I become a member?

Current members can extend a certain number of invitations, so if you know a member please ask for one. If you don't have a friend or referral we sporadically open the membership to new people.

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Bacanal takes its name from the Latin noun Bacchanalia, the term used to describe the wild and mystic festivals held in honour of the Roman / Greek god Bacchus / Dionysius, the mythological god of wine.

Launched at the beginning of 2010, Bacanal gained instant acclaim for their ‘Invitation-only’ pop-up events, bringing together the best of NYC’s champagne brunch scene, with the energy and drive of hedonistic St Tropez.

Since then Bacanal has grown to become a globally recognised brand, hosting innumerable events both day and night across the globe; London, Milan, Ibiza, Cannes, and summer destinations such as Croatia and Cyprus. On April 2014 Bacanal will launch La Plage, a pop-up Dayclub in Chelsea that will operate every Saturday for the rest of 2014.


At Bacanal the focus is on providing unforgettable experiences that set a tone for our members to meet each other, have fun, network, forge friendships and even fall in love.

Whether it is a brunch party, a night event, an organised trip to an international destination, or a targeted campaign for one of our brand partners, the Bacanal team always makes sure to deliver a flawless execution, including all the small details that really make a difference.

Our members trust us to spend their leisure time with us. We consider this a big responsibility and we strive to make that time worthwhile.

More into the specifics; our events always combine top of the range food, ever changing and stimulating entertainment - including London's top DJs and live performances exclusive to our events, best locations, well thought out productions, beautiful people and a great vibe

All the events are invitation only, and strictly only for our approved members.


Part of Bacanal's success relies on the ability to re-create our events with a house party vibe and ensure an audience of like-minded individuals who are able to let their inhibitions go as if amongst extended family.

Bacanal's guests are mainly young professionals from the age of 25-35 and are of an international background with a passion for music, networking and having a good time!

We currently offer a different array of experiences, ranging from our Dayclub La Plage in London, Bacanal by Night (night events in special locations), Cartel (“Burning Man” style costume party with deep house and a good crowd) and day and night events in different cities in Europe. Bacanal even organises trips to international locations so you do not have to worry about planning your vacation!